Labor day special!!! 

 Kids Town 2 original and very own   “American Ninja” KIDS Competition!!!  

                                      From 11.30 am to 12.30 pm                                                                   

Invites two age group (2 to 4) year old and ( 4 and up).

Parents or Guardians participation required.

Ninja costume preferred but not a requirement.

Winner price  for each age group

1st place -   3 all day admission ($27.00 value)

2nd place - 2  all day admission ($18.00 value) 

3 rd place - 1  all day admission ($9.00 value)

And participation prices for all kid-ninjas

Face painting with ninja or spider man theme $3.00

Free bottle of water for family and on the end of competition Bubbles Show 

and Paw Patrol character ”Chase” will joy the event for dances and photos.

Discount on ClubPhothBooth photo session.

All Day Holiday admission ( NO any discount applied for event) $10.00 per kid required*

*KT2 will be close if number of people rich a  facility maximum capacity